Esther Cecilia Boehm
Esther Cecilia Boehm photo


Esther Cecilia Boehm photo

Artists Esther Boehm, Helen Breach, Alison Dunhill and Lydia Haines met in 2017 when their work was selected for exhibitions in West Norfolk. cusp was formed as a group to provide mutual support and as a platform for creative experimentation, exchange and growth. Our aim is to exhibit and promote our work in and outside of West Norfolk.


Undercroft, Norwich

An exhibition of four artists, responding to the space and constraints of the underground Undercroft in Norwich. cusp brings together sculpture, installations, hanging structures, paintings and prints that explore perceptions and space. Featuring artists from West Norfolk the exhibition includes inventive drawing, life-sized bodies, floor-ceiling images and reliefs that blur the distinction between two and three-dimensional. Found and recycled objects are often incorporated. The venue gives the artists an unparalleled opportunity, not to be found in West Norfolk, to share experimental ideas and skills with Norwich. Some of the work will take place on site. The boundaries of our artistic positions will be challenged and risks will be taken to create new work.



11thour, King's Lynn

As part of the 11th hour event in Kings Lynn on 11th October cusp (Alison Dunhill, Lydia Haines, Helen Breach and Esther Boehm) will be running a workshop at the Ceremony Room of Hanse House where anyone visiting the venue will be able to join in and contribute to a large 3D mixed media piece using organic, inorganic & found materials including bicycle parts. These will be provided but if you have something interesting you would like to contribute, please bring it along. We will provide a framework as a starting point and be working on the piece throughout the night. We're especially excited by the possibility of kinetic elements. One of Alison's clouds will be exhibited in the courtyard below. From 8pm. Ceremony Room, Hanse House. More 11thour details including venues and starting times will be available soon at